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Name:Natalie Morgan
Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:New York, United States of America
natalie diane morgan

Natalie is the fourth child of the Morgan family, and is extremely close to her brothers and sisters. It was her love of being one of the older kids, looking out for the wee ones along the way in their family's London home that led her to pursue a career in childcare. It was hardly the most common of routes among her schoolmates and friends, but Natalie was a born nurturer, and she got a great deal of joy and satisfaction out of looking after children.

Despite that, Natalie wasn't looking for a family of her own at the time, instead hoping for a chance to get to do a bit of traveling and seeing the world before she'd even begin to think about settling down with her own family. That didn't, however, prevent her from dating. Back in London, she had a boyfriend for several years, even living with him for a while in a great apartment. Most of her friends and family thought they would get married, but after five years together, they came to a mutual decision that, while things weren't bad, they just were at a standstill. Things weren't really progressing anymore, just kind of there, so they decided it was best for them both to move on from their relationship.

dream like new york

Not long after her relationship ended, Natalie joined younger brother, Liam, in relocating to New York, where Liam would be going to school. There was no way that she was letting her baby brother move to the states without someone to look after him, and Natalie was more than willing to be someone. Especially as he was the youngest, and, like all of the older siblings, she had always looked out for him when they were growing up. With her qualifications, she quickly landed a job as a nanny, working for James Fraser, an FBI agent with an adorable two year old son, Campbell, whom Natalie totally adores. In working for him, Natalie has developed a close friendship with James, though, from what she can see, there is nothing more to it than friendship, so she tries to keep from letting her mind wander with that.

Ever the nuturer, with a maternal streak a mile wide, Natalie sometimes comes on a wee bit too strong when it comes to looking after Liam. She doesn't mean to get into his business too much, but sometimes she just does, especially when it comes to things like his romantic life. She was the one who more or less dragged out of Liam what had happened to him the night he was assaulted. And while she's knows that he is understandably fearful when it comes to relationships and letting people close, she also really wants to see her brother happy, leading to sometimes awkward conversations when she meets a "sweet gay guy" that she thinks would be a good fit for Liam. She has as of yet, been unsuccessful, but has not given up hope that someday, Liam will meet someone who helps him to work through his fear and baggage to find happiness in a relationship.

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